Polish Translation Office, Translation Company Kraków

Polish Translation Office,
Polish Translation Company.

Technical Translations

Technical translations are one of our specialties. With the help of expert translators, work for some of the largest companies in Poland and abroad.
Our translators are often engineers specializing in construction, automotive industry etc. We have many references attesting high quality.

Medical Translations

Medicine and pharmacology are known as the most difficult subjects in the translation industry. Our methods allow to deliver the highest quality translations. We work with many translators specializing in medical and pharmaceutical texts such as: trainings, clinical trials, medical records or drug leaflets.

Legal Translations

Legal translations are performed by native speakers who are familiar with legal terminology. We are aware of the importance of legal documents, which is why all our translations are carefully prepared and undergo additional verification.

Express Translations

Express translations are our forte. Large staff of talented translators coordinated by our project managers allows us translate significant amounts of text very quickly.This applies to many languages and different industries. We also perform express translations in foreign language combination, such as English – German.

IT Translations

For the last 10 years, we have been performing IT translations for Polish companies thriving in global markets. We have translated agreements, system documentations, software interfaces and many other IT texts into numerous languages. We also use software that allows for translation in source files.

Certified Translations

We work with a selected group of sworn translators who guarantee the highest quality of their work. We offer certified translations of official, judicial and corporate documents into many languages.

Marketing Translations

We have worked with many advertising agencies in Poland and abroad. Our experience and knowledge of advertising allows us to perform accurate translations of marketing content. We have adapted marketing campaigns of many different companies, including: Rama, Winthertur, Deutsche Post, Audi, Subaru and Piklington.

Translation of Websites

Functional website is the key to development of one’s own business. It allows your company to be in the forefront of its industry, attract new orders and strongly increase its prestige. We provide reliable translation of websites, free of any errors in terms of grammar, punctuation and syntax.

Written Translations

We perform specialized written translations for companies, institutions and individuals. Our advantages are: excellent price-quality ratio, procedures to ensure the highest quality, translations in many language combinations performed by Native Speakers, certified translations at excellent prices. We guarantee high quality every time.

Interpretation Services

Interpretation services: simultaneous, consecutive and certified translations performed by experienced and skilled interpreters during important meetings and international conferences, negotiations and discussions at the highest level. They are a selected group of specialists in this field, who never fail the participants of any meeting.


Our translators use CAT software, facilitating shorter translation time, significant cost reduction and uniform vocabulary. We implement terminology management for international companies and prepare documents in multiple formats. Website Translations can be performed in source files.

Want to reduce costs?

We will prove to you that paying the full rate for repetitions, numbers or symbols is unnecessary. With us, you only pay for what is actually translated. That’s what makes our rates lower and deadlines shorter than the competitors’. You can also save time by ordering additional services, such as: printing and web updates.

Translation Office Kraków

Translation Office Kraków

Translation Office Kraków

Plac Axentowicza 3/4

30-034 Kraków, Poland
Tel./Fax: +48 880 590 950

E-mail: biuro@transleo.pl


Executed translations:

Technical translation of approx. 2000 pages of
product descriptions for Conrad
OBJECTIVE: Tools and process: The entire process ran smoothly, thanks to cooperation of about dozen translators and proofreaders working together online via SDL Trados platform.
Conrad Polska Narzędzia i proces: Dzięki współpracy kilkunastoosobowego zespołu tłumaczy oraz korektorów współpracujących online dzięki platformie SDL Trados, proces tłumaczenia całości przebiegł płynnie.
Result: 2,000 pages translated and proofread in 4 weeks. The Client received all files within the deadline.

Naszą specjalizacją są tłumaczenia:

Techniczne i informatyczne:tłumaczenia kart charakterystyk, manuali, DTR, specyfikacji, interfejsów, oprogramowania.

Prawne i uwierzytelnione :umowy, dokumenty firmowe, urzędowe i sądowe.

Ekonomiczne i finansowe:tłumaczenia statutów, umów, KRS, sprawozdań, raportów, audytów.

Medyczne i farmaceutyczne:tłumaczenia raportów , specyfikacji leków, badań klinicznych, dokumentacji medycznej.

For over 10 years we have been performing translations for major companies.

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