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Certified Translations

Płatności onlie

Certified translation, Sworn translation

Certified translation is a special type of translation performed and approved with a stamp by a certified translator who has been authorised by the Minister of Justice, and has become an accredited functionary. The stamp held by a certified translator is a special stamp issued by the State Mint upon a decision of the Minister of Justice.

Certified translation is accepted by offices, courts or in public procurement procedures. Certification is a frequent condition to recognize the validity of documents submitted to the majority of Polish public offices.

Certified translation conforms to the Act of 25 November 2004 ON THE PROFESSION OF CERTIFIED TRANSLATORS (O.J. No 273, item 2702) which specifies basic regulations in this respect.
The most essential regulations are provided below:
Text for certified translation should be provided to a translator in the original; if a copy or a scan is provided, the translator is obliged to make an annotation concerning translation from the copy.
One page of certified translation consists of 1125 characters including spaces, according to text editor statistics.

The certification of already translated text is charged at 50% of the translator’s fee.

Certified translation is always provided as a stamped hard copy, and for that reason it has to be delivered to the Client by courier, post or collected in person.

Every certified translation is identified with a date, a unique registration number and a stamp.

Specialist translation is executed by translators with suitable expertise, and approved by a certified translator.

You can find more information concerning translation or certified translators on the website of the Polish Society of Economic, Legal and Court Translators, www.tepis.org.pla

Certified Translations