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Interpreting Services

Płatności onlie

Interpretation service



In recent years we have had the opportunity to perform a significant amount of interpretation.
Our interpreters are in great demand, both by companies and public institutions.


We will be pleased to prepare an offer for you concerning:


 - consecutive interpretation (training, meetings, business negotiations etc.) in which speech is interpreted after several sentences, or after completed sections.


 - cabin simultaneous interpretation (requires the use of interpretation equipment and a cabin). The interpreter listens to the source speech and interprets it almost simultaneously into the target language. The audience is equipped with headsets to listen to the interpretation.


 - whispered simultaneous interpretation – a type of simultaneous interpretation recommended only in special circumstances. This method requires no equipment and is intended only for a small audience.


 - authenticated interpretation (executed during agreements and the conclusion of notarial deeds, shareholders’ meetings, dealing with formalities in offices and courts). A certified interpreter interprets the speech and certifies a prepared report with own signature.


At the client’s request we provide a complex meeting and conference service, including:


- translation of scientific papers, handouts, marketing materials,
- multilanguage informational materials preparation,
- interpreting service during proceedings and lectures
- room rental and technical service of workshops
- passenger transport for participants
- booking accommodation
- catering
- hospitality personnel
Interpreting Services