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Translation Services

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Translation Services

Translation is the major part of our operations.
We provide both general and certified translations (also known as authenticated or sworn translations).


Quality is our top priority, and we ensure this by:



- the selection of translators experienced in a particular field; a translator whose performance style is most satisfactory for a particular client regularly deals with orders placed by that company.

- offering translation into foreign languages performed by a native speaker of the target language,

- the use of professional CAT software, which allows consistent terminology, even in the case of large projects executed by a team of translators, by the creation of a specialist glossary database for a particular company or industry.

We provide translation in the following fields:

- technical translation
public procurement documentation, manuals, DTRs, designs, product catalogues, standards,
- IT translation
software (localisation), manuals, offers
- advertising & marketing
copywriting, translation of marketing materials
- business
correspondence, business offers, product and service specification
- legal
contracts, notarial deeds, letters of attorney, articles of association, legal acts
- finance & economics
balance sheets, audits, reports, business plans, estimates


We have experience in the execution of large multilingual projects which require the establishment and coordination of a team of translators, programming and graphic work.

We guarantee full confidentiality. The standard approach in our company is to treat all translated materials as confidential. In the case of top-secret documents or those of special importance provided by a Customer, we sign a confidentiality clause concerning the specified materials.


Having confidence in the high quality of our services, we offer a free of charge sample translation. You can send us one page of text which will then be translated and returned to you in one or several versions.


We invite you to fill in the quote form. Our staff will contact you to provide free of charge details concerning our offer.




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